Support for Learning

The Support for Learning Department provides support to pupils, of all levels of ability, who have barriers to their learning. These barriers can be temporary or longer term. Support can be given by working with pupils individually or in small groups or by offering advice to staff and parents on how to more effectively support pupils. Support put in place will be flexible depending on the changing needs of the pupils. Where necessary, the department will liaise with external agencies.

Where a learner experiences significant difficulties it may be appropriate to reduce their curriculum. This will decrease their workload and allow for support to be provided for their remaining subjects.  Where pupils experience difficulties but have a full curriculum, the department offers support sessions both before school and during lunchtimes.

In addition to offering support to learners experiencing difficulties, the department also screens pupils, who have been referred by teachers, parents or the pupils themselves, for the possibility of a variety of difficulties. Where appropriate, pupils will be referred to appropriate professionals for further expert assessment.

Applications for assessment arrangements, where pupils have significant difficulty accessing exams, is also done by the Support for Learning Department in collaboration with subject teachers.

The Support for Learning Department is situated at the heart of the school in an attractive suite of rooms.