Entrance Exams

Pre-School Entrance Assessments

Assessments for younger children to start with us in Nursery (from age 3) take place throughout the year - usually when your child approaches 2 and a half.

Assessments for Kindergarten entrance takes place throughout January in the year of entry by appointment and there after on an individual basis if we still have places to offer.

Prep School Entrance Exam

We test all children who apply for a place in our Prep School at The Glasgow Academy.

We are an academic school and we want children to thrive in an environment where high expectations are the norm. Testing plays a vital part in helping to ensure this.

Senior School Entrance Exam

Our main entrance exam for the year typically takes place on the last Friday in January. This is for Senior 1 to Senior 3 pupils. We assess older students (for S5 and S6) individually by arrangement.

For further details, please contact Suzanne Rae in the Admissions office on 0141 342 5494.