S5 & S6 PE

This is a one-year course offered to students who are either in S5 or S6. These are both possible entry points into the course. Some students will have a National 5 in Physical Education from S4 and some will come new to the disciplines of certificate Physical Education. Please note that although there are no formal entry requirements, candidates should have a good level of practical ability and literacy.

Course Structure and Assessment

The course covers Performance and Factors that Impact on Performance.
The marks are awarded for one-off Practical Performance (40%), a written Preparation and Evaluation of that performance (20%) and a final exam (40%) lasting 11/2 hours.  The final exam will be marked externally, whilst Performance is assessed internally.

Students learn about Mental factors such as concentration, Emotional factors such as being anxious about performing under pressure, Social factors such as cooperating in a team and Physical factors of improving specific physical skills, improving fitness and applying tactics.  For many students, learning about information processing  and the stages of learning really helps to develop an understanding that helps across the whole curriculum. The broader skills of  analysing their own performance, devising their own training programme and evaluating how well it worked develop analytical skills that are useful after they leave school.