S5 & S6 English

We firmly believe that all our pupils should be given the chance to sit Higher, and all S5 pupils embark on the course. As with N5, the Higher course comprises two units: Analysis and Evaluation, and Creation and Production. The Higher grade is based on a pupil's performance in the final SQA exam (70%), plus a Writing Folio (30%). The exam consists of two papers: Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation, and Critical Reading.

For those with a genuine passion for the study of English Language and Literature, the S6 Advanced Higher course offers pupils the opportunity to study a range of texts in greater depth, as well as produce their own writing. It has always been the philosophy of the Department that the Advanced Higher class is approaching first year university level in terms of attitude and depth of study.

The exam, as with N5 and Higher, comprises two units: Analysis and Evaluation and Creation and Production. Pupils produce a dissertation to demonstrate planning, research and presentation of their knowledge and understanding of their chosen text (s); this is worth 30% of the total mark.

Pupils also produce a Writing Folio which accounts for 30% of the total mark.
The examination assesses pupils' ability to apply the skills of critical analysis and evaluation to literary texts, both seen and unseen; this accounts for 20% of the final mark.

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