Creative Writing Club
The Creative Writing Club is a chance for anyone interested in writing to meet with other like-minded people and to have some fun! At the club, we are interested in developing writing skills by concentrating on inspiring creativity, and focusing on character, plot and description. We have a laid back atmosphere: our activities range from exercises designed to create new ideas, to group readings where any new writing is given encouragement and advice from the rest of the group. Whether it’s fiction, poetry, drama or film scripts that you dream of creating, you will find your niche in our group.

Junior Drama Club
Drama Club, run jointly by teachers from the English and Drama departments, is for S1-S3, and offers the chance to engage in drama games, and present short improvised or scripted works on Tuesday lunchtimes. As well as our weekly sessions, students may also take part in our annual production in the Watson Auditorium. Recent productions have included A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Ladykillers , and Daisy Pulls It Off.

Film Club
Film Club is for those who love watching films, are passionate about particular genres, feel inspired to share with others their ideas and thoughts after watching films and who may even dream about writing their own scripts or making films. It is a place to learn these analysis skills and have fun with others!

Gavel Club
Gavel is a student-led public speaking club with a long history at the Academy, running every second Friday afternoon from 4-6pm. It is a place to practise speaking and listening skills in a formal setting, and to improve confidence speaking in front of a group. Gavel encourages participation from pupils in S3 to S6, and is inclusive and welcoming. Many "Gavellers" find that Gavel is one of the co-curricular spaces where they feel most comfortable, as they can speak their minds and really be heard.

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