Help with school fees

The Glasgow Academy is a great place to develop your sporting, musical, artistic or other talents. We do everything we can to ensure that able children can get an Academy education - and that can include paying their fees!

Bursaries are not just for academic high-fliers. Many who receive help with fees are excellent games players, musicians and artists. And some don't excel in any particular field but show real potential.

The Academy is able to offer free places and help with fees through the generosity of its former pupils, parents and friends. Bursaries are means-tested according to the family income and financial position of each applicant.

Help with fees (10-100%) may be awarded at entry to Prep 7 and to all years in the Senior School, based on evidence of financial need and entrance test results. Help with fees may also be awarded to existing pupils in Prep 7 and in the Senior School in cases of demonstrable financial need. It is not currently available below Prep 7 because of the level of need for bursaries in Prep 7 and in the Senior School.

Families applying for help with fees will be asked to supply information about their financial circumstances, including assets and income, in confidence. By way of guidance, we are unlikely to be able to help parents whose combined income currently exceeds £65,000 if one child is to be educated or £75,000 if two children require financial assistance, or where there are significant assets.

In order to ensure fairness and enable the school to prioritise help, bursary applications should be submitted prior to admission or - for existing pupils - by mid-May each year.

No difference is made between those children getting help with fees and those whose parents are paying full fees, and there is no public statement of the award of help with fees. All help with fees is reassessed annually, and therefore might rise or fall, but will normally continue at a similar level as long as a child is in the school, provided there is no significant change in the family's financial situation.

If you would like to discuss Bursaries, please give us a call on 0141 342 5494.

In 2015-16 we provided means-tested help with fees for 116 children. 19 of these have 100% help with fees. Means-tested help amounts to £800,000 over the year.

There are a number of educational trusts that can help with fees. Please follow this link for details of the Educational Trusts Forum. The Educational Grants Advice Helpline phone number is 01932 865619 and lines are open 9-11am Monday to Friday.