Combined Cadet Force / Wednesday, September 13, 2017 RAF Report

This year has been action-packed, with the first visit during RAF Field Day to H.M.S Prince of Wales, the new aircraft carrier being built in Rosyth. We even had the chance to walk to the end of the "ski-slope" on the runway and we built a scale copy of the aircraft carrier in a problem-solving exercise.

Throughout the year, cadets have had the opportunity to go flying at the Glasgow and Strathclyde University Air Squadron, based at Glasgow Airport. We fly in a tutor aircraft with retired RAF pilots and have the chance to take control of the aircraft during flight and take part in performing aerobatics, such a loop-the-loops and stall turns.

At our second RAF Field Day we enjoyed a visit to the British Airways Maintenance Hangar at Glasgow Airport, discovering how commercial aircraft are serviced and repaired; we were able to test the performance of some of the materials used to make aircraft and had access to the luggage hold and cockpit. We also enjoyed live firing at Dechmont Range and learned bush-craft skills from an ex-SAS expert. We spent the evening camping out, ate our ration packs, had a bonfire, toasted marshmallows and went canoeing the following morning at Loch Winnoch.

Our annual Summer Camp was fantastically unique, spending time with three other schools from England. The camp was at a cadet centre in Lancashire: we were able to push ourselves out of our comfort zones through abseiling, climbing and kayaking. We had a trip to RAF Leeming and we visited 100 Squadron, where trainee pilots learn to fly the Hawk aircraft and  then went to a salvage workshop where we were able to view one of the last Tornado aircrafts being dismantled.

RAF isn't all about flying: visits to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the neighbouring Water Park - the largest in Europe - were exhilarating. At the end of the week we battled it out with a nerve-wracking Drill Competition: the final event of the Flight Competition. The camp provided us with one of the most memorable weeks, and we made many long-lasting friendships.

Overall, RAF this year has been incredibly enjoyable and a productive learning experience. We say goodbye to our two Sergeants, Michael McMillan and Fillip Petrov, and thank them for their service.

Nadia Mirza-Saadi and Fraser Morris