Rowing / Monday, February 5, 2018 Historic win for The Academy

Glasgow Academy girls were the fastest women's crew in both divisions of the Western Head, beating Glasgow University women for the first time in our history in both divisions of the race. The crew from The Academy were Jenny Olney, Holly Allan, Lauren Amner, Anna Colley and Youcef Djoudi (cox).

Glasgow Academy also won both the first division and the second division of the Strathclyde University head, our boys quad winning the first race and the boys double the second. Glasgow Academy won every other boat class we entered as well: W4x, WJ18 4x, W J18 1x, WR2 2x, WJ16 4x+ WNov 2x.

The Glasgow Academy girls beat Glasgow University women in the Academy's new £27,000 boat, Atalanta, the lightest carbon fibre aluminium wing eight ever produced by the renowned British boat builders Janousek & Stämpfli ('Built in Britain, raced worldwide'). Stämpfli was founded in Switzerland in 1896. Manufacturing originally took place in Zurich, Switzerland, but moved to Surrey, England after the company was acquired by Janousek Racing Boats in 1991.