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Why Glasgow Academy?   (A message from the Rector)

At The Glasgow Academy we are passionate about developing the talents and potential of young people. Academic excellence is central. We have high expectations of the children in our care, and we nurture them and believe in them so that they rise to those expectations. Our aim is to create a very purposeful, civilised, welcoming and mutually supportive community which both challenges children and develops in them the confidence and self-knowledge to succeed. We want each boy or girl to discover and develop his or her talents and to strive for high standards. We encourage our young people to make the most of the numerous opportunities on offer at The Glasgow Academy, be they in scholarship, music, drama, sport, public speaking, outdoor activities, serving the community or clubs and societies.                                                                                         Peter Brodie, Rector                                                                                                                                                                                             

The Glasgow Academy is a happily busy, ordered and hard-working community, where we strive to put achievement, respect for each other and integrity at the centre of our life. We encourage our pupils to wish to succeed, to wish things to work well, and to enjoy helping others and giving to the wider world.

We want our young people to leave us as focused, well-rounded and above all happy individuals. We aim to develop in them the love of learning and the ability to think for themselves and to go on learning which will prepare them for the fast-changing world of their adult lives. If when a former pupil is twenty-five years old, someone remarks on what an interesting and interested, positive, able and good-natured person they are and wonders where they went to school, we will feel we have done our job. We are concerned not with turning out types, but with enabling individuals to fulfil their individuality and with giving them the best possible start in the lives they have it in them to lead.

We very much value our partnerships with parents and the family feel of our school. The Academy is big enough to offer opportunities to all and to challenge even the exceptionally gifted, but small enough to be a very friendly community.

Do come and see us for yourself: we look forward to welcoming you most warmly.

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