S5 & S6 Physics

In S5 learners follow the SQA Higher course and in S6 some choose to undertake the Advanced Higher course. These courses give them a deeper insight into the structure of the subject, and reinforce and extend knowledge and understanding of the concepts of physics. They also aim to develop skills in making critical and evaluative comment.

Advances in physics mean that our view of what is possible is continually being updated. This course allows learners to deepen their understanding of the processes behind scientific advances, and thus promotes awareness that physics involves interaction between theory and practice.

The courses enable learners to become scientifically literate citizens who will recognise the impact physics makes on their lives, the environment and society, and be able to appreciate topical scientific debate. Learners will develop skills for learning beyond school and for employment.

The units followed in the Higher course are: Our Dynamic Universe, Particles and Waves, and a half unit on Electricity. There is also a unit called Researching Physics which is worth 20% of the final mark.

The units followed in the Advanced Higher course are Rotational Motion and Astrophysics, Quanta and Waves, and a half unit on Electromagnetism . There is also an Investigation which is worth 23% of the final mark.