S1 & S2 Physics

In S1, physics is taught to all pupils. The course is designed to give a first taste of laboratory-based physics and aims to introduce pupils to the knowledge and understanding involved in a small number of topics. We hope that the course will foster a spirit of scientific curiosity, begin to show the need for careful observation and indicate the relevance of the physics learned to everyday life in its widest sense.

The topics covered are:

mechanics – measuring lengths, volume, mass, density and materials
light – shadows and eclipses, reflection and mirrors
magnetism – poles and forces, fields, making a magnet and an electromagnet.

In S2, physics is taught to all pupils. The course has similar aims to that in S1, but additionally is intended to lay firm foundations on which to build the National 5 work in S3 and S4. A brief summary of the course content is:

Forces and their effects, stretching springs and graph drawing, measuring forces.
Work done and energy, conservation of energy.
Pressure and its measurement, pressure in liquids, atmospheric pressure.

Charging by friction, van de Graaff generator, moving charges.
Simple circuits using cells and lamps, current, voltage and resistance.
Fuses, plugs and power.
Current and voltages in a series circuit.
Current and voltage in a parallel circuit.

Heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation.