Physical Education

In PE we aim to stimulate and then maintain pupil interest and enjoyment in a range of physical activities and in the development of body and mind which physical activity brings.

We also aim to promote Health and Fitness, enabling pupils to gain an awareness of the effects of exercise on the body and the role of exercise in a fit and healthy lifestyle.

PE is taught from Nursery through to S4 as a core subject, and as a certificate subject at National 5 and Higher. S6 pupils have the opportunity to develop their experience of helping young people learn through assisting the PE teachers during a wide range of lessons. Pupils at Kelvinbridge, Milngavie and Newlands all benefit from specialist PE staff.

PE staff work with pupils to develop coordination and basic movement from an early age in Nursery and children progress through the Prep School into the Senior School experiencing swimming, gymnastics, ball games, fitness, athletics, badminton, cricket and tennis.

We aim to provide opportunities for pupils to experience success and to foster self-confidence. Central to our philosophy is an understanding of the importance of fair play, sportsmanship and the necessity of self-imposed discipline in all areas of sport and life in general.

Pupils extend their experience of sporting events through the cross-country, swimming galas and sports days organised by the PE department for both Prep and Senior Schools. Participation nurtures the enjoyment of joining in, being committed to one’s House in competitive performance, and striving to win.

We hope pupils develop an affinity for physical activities and exercise, which will endure through adult life.