S5 & S6 Music

Pupils who choose either Higher Music or Higher Music Technology receive 7 lessons a week to focus on the course material.

Higher Music
This course follows on from the National 5 Music (performance) course, building on the concepts studied there and developing the three main skills of performing, composing and listening. Pupils look at the various periods from the renaissance to popular music and how music has changed over the centuries. Performers work on a 12-minute performance for the SQA examiner over two instruments (or instrument and voice) which is worth 60%. Composition work includes the use of new concepts studied in the Higher course and is currently marked internally. The listening paper covers the remaining 40% and is based on the periods studied in the listening lessons.

Higher Music Technology
This course follows on from the National 5 Music Technology course and is weighted in the same way. A 70% portfolio is submitted of different studio recording works that have been completed over the course of the year. The remaining 30% is the listening paper which looks in further depth at the classical and popular styles of music throughout the twentieth century.

Advanced Higher
This course follows on from the Higher Music course and again covers the three areas of listening, composing and performance. This time, pupils perform for a total of eighteen minutes across two instruments (or one instrument and voice) worth 60% of the course. Composition work is marked internally and the listening exam (40%) covers the same periods as Higher, only in greater depth. Pupils also complete a short dissertation comparing two pieces, roughly 1,500 words.