S3 & S4 Music

Pupils who choose either National 5 Music or Music Technology receive 4 lessons a week to focus on the course material.

National 5 Music (performance)
This course is split into three areas: listening, composing and performing. Pupils put together an eight-minute performance across two instruments (or one instrument and voice) which is marked by a visiting examiner from the SQA. They submit a portfolio of composition work as coursework, and study various aspects and periods of musical history for the listening exam at the end of S4. This course helps to strengthen the performance skills that pupils have, and develop their listening skills as they are introduced to new and different styles of music.

National 5 Music Technology
Pupils who take the technology course are given the chance to put together a portfolio of studio recordings which is worth 70% of their total mark. The remaining 30% is a listening paper which is based on twentieth-century classical and popular music styles. Whilst there is no actual instrumental or vocal performing assessed on this course, previous performance experience is helpful to the candidates.