S1 & S2 Music

Pupils who have joined us in S1 from the Prep School find it an incredibly smooth transition, as the format of their lessons is the same. There are two lessons each week: one being a classroom-based lesson, the other focusing on practical music skills such as guitar or keyboard work based on the current topic. In S1 pupils study the history of Scottish Music, Jazz, and Blues. Keyboard and guitar pieces based on these topics are worked on during the practical lesson, alongside the opportunity for composition work using the GarageBand app on their iPads.

At S2, we pick up from Jazz and Blues in S1 and study the history of Rock and Pop music, from 1950 until the present day. Pupils learn about the many different styles throughout the decades, including psychedelic rock, progressive rock, disco, new wave, Britpop and many more. As preparation for those who might be interested in Music Technology at National 5, there is a strong focus on GarageBand.