There are a number of choirs and ensembles for our pupils to join, ranging from the fun to the competitive!

Prep School Music Ensembles

Monday: Prep String Group, Prep Music Room, 12.30pm
Tuesday: Junior Girls' Choir (Prep 5 - 7) Upstairs Classroom, 8.30am
Wednesday: Prep Flute Ensemble, Prep Music Room, 8.30am
Prep 3 Choir, Prep Music Room, 12.30pm
Prep Guitar Group, Performance Room 12.30pm
Prep Percussion Ensemble, New Studio, 12.30pm
Thursday: Junior Boys' Choir (Prep 5 - 7), Performance Room, 8.30am (after October break)
Prep 4 & 5 Choir, Performance Room, 12.30pm
Junior Choir (Prep 6 and 7), Performance Room, 4.00pm - 5.00pm
Junior Drum Corps, Upstairs Classroom, 4.00pm - 5.00pm

Senior School Music Ensembles

Monday: Senior Choir, Performance Room, 8.30am
TGA Orchestra, Performance Room, 4.00pm
Wednesday: Chamber Choir, Performance Room, 8.30am
Senior Flute Ensemble, Prep Music Room, 8.45am
Saxophone Ensemble, Keyboard Room, 8.30am
Theatre Choir, Upstairs Classroom, 8.40am
Senior Percussion Ensemble, New Studio, 1.15pm
Thursday: Senior Brass, Keyboard Room, 1.15pm
Friday: Senior Boys' Ensemble, Performance Room, 8.30am
Rock Club, Performance Room, 4.00pm - 5.00pm