S5 & S6 Modern Studies

Advanced Higher Modern Studies develops knowledge, understanding and evaluative and investigative skills in relation to the topic of Law and Order in Society. Emphasis is given to the skills of communicating, independent learning and critical appreciation of the media. Such skills are directly applicable to university education and beyond, especially for those seeking to study Law and other subjects.

We develop the following with the students. Understanding of the importance of sound evidence, both qualitative and quantitative, gathered in a disciplined and ordered way, as the basis of their work.

  • Sustained lines of argument which reflect the complexity of issues, such as the causes of crime or how we deal with crime in society.
  • Presenting complex, supported conclusions on Law and Order issues in a clear way.
  • Critically assessing a variety of political and social science research methods, and carrying out independent research to develop their investigative skills of planning, researching, analysing and presenting.
  • Participating in debate and discussion, through which attitudes of open-mindedness and tolerance are fostered. Students normally have an opportunity to meet and visit professionals who work in the Law and Order sector.