Modern Studies

Modern Studies is a subject that is unique to Scotland. It is the study of a mixture of different subjects that relate to Politics, Sociology and International Relations. As such it is an interdisciplinary subject all in one place.

Modern Studies has to react to a fast-changing world which is increasingly important to understand. At a time of ever-increasing 'news' and 'fake news' it is a subject that develops critical awareness of information and how it is used. It helps you to seek out the truth behind the news and to come to your own conclusion on contemporary events.

It teaches understanding of the importance of being responsible citizens in a democratic society. It helps you understand the importance of defending democratic values from misinformation, as well as allowing you to understand how different societies in the world have developed and compare them with our own.

Modern Studies also develops important skills in terms of how to research topics and come to supported conclusions on contemporary events. It allows you to access a range of different information platforms as well as develop your skills of structured writing, through reports and formal assessment. It is unique in its study of political and social subject research methods, developing understanding of how governments and the media use and manipulate information.