S3 & S4 Modern Languages

All pupils studying French or Spanish in S2 would normally be expected to carry on to National 5 as by this stage they have developed a solid background in the subject. In addition, they may pick up a second Modern Language in S3.

In the course of studying for a National 5 in a Modern Language pupils will learn about the people and places where the language is spoken, covering the contexts of Society, Learning, Employability and Culture.

As well as dealing with everyday topics like home, family, school, hobbies, holidays and life in the country whose language they are studying, they will also be learning about issues of concern to young people of their own age. These issues might include sports; diet, health and fitness; smoking, drugs, alcohol; relationships; the environment; music; technology; cinema; future plans. Pupils will have the opportunity to use ICT to support their language learning and have an allocated period with the language assistant to practise their speaking skills.

SEET Our World Film Making Project 2018-2019

Congratulations to S3 pupils Connor, Rohan, Cameron and Ross for achieving a 'Highly Commended' Award from SEET – Scottish European Educational Trust, for their enthusiasm and commitment to the Our World Film Making Project this year, with their contribution 'Travel Agency' as well as for their overall work and positive attitude. 

Their film can be viewed here.