S3 & S4 Maths

The National 5 course is taught over two years - in S3 and S4. It is structured in three units - Applications, Expression and Formulae, and Relationships.

At this level, our aim is to continue to stimulate interest, enjoyment and curiosity in Mathematics. Pupils are also encouraged to use their problem-solving skills to solve problems which arise in real life and they learn to interpret, communicate and manage this information in Mathematical form.

During S3 there will be internal examinations in January and May. Non-calculator work continues, but we also recommend the purchase of a Casio scientific calculator.

The development of study skills is important and revision techniques will be discussed and past-paper practice will be encouraged. Unit Assessment tests are taken throughout S3 and S4. These tests must be passed in order to obtain the course award, but they are at a level of minimum competence. The final examination in S4 includes a non-calculator paper.