S1 & S2 Maths

The Curriculum for Excellence programme is used as a basic core for the Mathematics scheme of work in S1 and S2.

On a regular basis, progress is assessed and reported to parents. We also hold more formal assessments in November, March and May with the results and an analysis communicated to parents.

All pupils are encouraged to make use of their iPads for research and to access a wide variety of very popular software.

We have developed our own Numeracy course on iTunesU and also make use of software such as Hegarty Maths for formative assessment.

Our Problem-Solving courses for S1 and S2 build resilience and rigour in all pupils. Learners know that they can, and they do, seek extra help at any time from any of our ten experienced teachers.

Our learners are taught with pupils of similar knowledge and ability, with setting under constant review. The fastest moving sets may explore topics outside the core syllabus and our teaching style meets the needs of all learners irrespective of ability.