Jaguars Cars Maths in Motion F1 Challenge

The Challenge involves students setting up virtual F1 racing cars and then competing against each other in a series of Grands Prix type races throughout the year in the hope of becoming World Champions. This activity involves a wide range of basic mathematical skills, some practical, being used and applied. This is a popular co-curricular activity and all S1 - S4 students are welcome to come along.


Throughout the session pupils are encouraged to participate for fun. We always find pupils enjoy themselves and can't wait to find out how they have got on. There are several competitions that the Department actively promote, and we are always keen to be involved in the team events such as Enterprising Mathématiques sans Frontières.

Scottish Mathematical Challenge

This is a problem-solving competition organised for schools by The Scottish Mathematical Council. There are four age divisions: Primary, Junior (S1 and S2), Middle (S3 and S4), Senior (S5 and S6). Pupils are expected to complete two sets of tasks throughout the year. Each set of tasks is comprised of five taxing problems, and as a result pupils are usually given four weeks to complete their attempts.

UKMT Individual Maths Challenge

This national event, aimed at only the top 30% ability range, consists of a multiple-choice paper of graded questions. The strategy of scoring well is not to guess because, after the first fifteen questions, wrong answers result in deducted marks. This variety increases interest and pupils really do enjoy the pressure! Pupils who do well are awarded gold, silver or bronze certificates - and those who truly excel may be invited to participate in follow-on rounds, such as the Junior Mathematical Olympiad, the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad and 'Kangaroo' papers, as well as the British Mathematical Olympiad and 'Senior Kangaroo'.

UKMT Team Maths Challenges

The UKMT also organises team challenges, which take the form of heats that take place at locations across the UK and a national final in London. A group of four pupils competes as a team against other teams from schools across the region at various fun but challenging events, such as cross-number and a relay race. We have frequently reached the final round in London.

Enterprising Mathematics Competition

Each year the Scottish Independent Schools organise an Enterprising Mathematics Competition. A team consisting of four pupils from S4 or below spend a full day tackling a variety of mathematical problems and puzzles. Teams that perform well at the regional heats are invited to the final National Enterprising Mathematics Competition in Glasgow.