The Mathematics Department aims to create a challenging and thought-provoking learning environment. We work to support the needs of all learners as they strive to attain their full potential; emphasis is put on their confidence, resilience, perseverance, rigour and a genuine enjoyment of the subject. We have Numeracy and Problem-Solving courses for S1 and S2 and all pupils know that they can, and they do, seek extra help at any time from any of our ten experienced teachers.

We seek to encourage curiosity and creativity in mathematics through investigative approaches and competitions. Our pupils achieve frequent success in the Scottish Mathematical Challenge, the Scottish Enterprising Maths competition and Mathématiques sans Frontières, as well as the UKMT individual and team challenges.

Our teams have qualified regularly for the national finals of the UK Maths Challenge held in London and in recent years several pupils have gone on to qualify for further individual rounds, including the British Mathematical Olympiad. We run a successful Pi Club and Jaguar Cars 'Maths in Motion', in which we have reached the international final every year.

We want our learners to recognise that Mathematics is of fundamental importance to our world today as its language and techniques increasingly permeate Science and Technology, Engineering, Economics, Business and Finance, and the Law.