S5 & S6 History

In S5 and S6 we seek to further develop depth of historical knowledge and subject skills.  In particular there is emphasis on independent learning and research skills.  Interest is facilitated through the study of topics such as the Cold War and the impact of migration and Empire on Scotland in S5.  In S6 we look at the era of the Russian Revolution up to the death of Stalin in 1953.  Such topics have had a significant impact on the world we live in today and their study enhances the development of responsible citizens in society.  

Our students take increasing ownership of their learning through individual research leading to an Assignment in S5 and a Dissertation in S6.  Teaching and learning are very focused, with onus on the students to undertake their own reading and share their experiences with others.  In S6 an enhanced, university style of learning is facilitated by the use of lectures, seminars and tutorials.