S5 & S6 Geography

The principal aim of the Higher and Advanced Higher course is that, by using the concepts and techniques of geographical analysis, students develop a detailed understanding of the human and physical aspects of the contemporary world which are a concern to all citizens. In addition, the course enables students to develop progressively:

  • an understanding of the ways in which people and the environment interact in response to physical and human processes at local, national and international scale
  • an awareness and understanding of changing global relationships in a balanced, critical and sympathetic way
  • skills of research, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and presentation, and the use of ICT
  • the expertise in the use of a range of maps, diagrams, statistical techniques, written accounts and, where appropriate, new technology, to process and communicate information

Because Geography is regarded as being both a science and a social subject, it is included in these two faculties in universities. This is an inherent strength of the subject, as it creates flexibility and allows students to keep options open to pursue further studies.