S1 & S2 Geography

Our course is designed to create enthusiasm and passion for the subject. The units examine both traditional and modern aspects of Geography, emphasising the acquisition of skills such as mapping, atlas work, data presentation and interpretation.

Topics studied in S1:

  • Maps for Life: plans, scales, grid references, direction, distance, contours, sketch maps, OS maps
  • Scotland's Landscape: geology, weather, coasts
  • Australia: climatic zones, rainforest and desert landscapes, people and society

Topics studied in S2:

  • Mapping: atlas skills
  • Why are places so different from each other?: population growth, population pyramids, migration, consequences of population structure development indicators, comparisons of Canada and Nepal
  • Globalisation: problems of a globalised world, global disease, football, fair-trade, telephone industry, fashion, slum conditions


In S1 and S2, students receive one piece of homework per week. Homework is an essential part of learning and reinforces the content and skills taught in class. Homework exercises vary from internet research, mapping activities, extended writing and poster activities to projects. By the end of S2 all students will have completed a homework evidence booklet, which has been designed to ensure they have completed third and fourth level experiences and outcomes.