You would struggle to find an issue that isn’t linked to Geography in some way and we would love to prove it to you. Immigration. Climate Change. Health. Geology. Globalisation. Development. These are just some of the topics we investigate in Geography. We discuss how the human and physical parts of our world operate and how they are linked from a national to global scale. We aim to provide an understanding of the processes that affect our planet and the consequences that these might have for our students. Our aim is that you will be able to create your own opinions and understanding of the topics you study and have your knowledge challenged and rebuilt to better understand the world in which you walk. If you are curious and keen to learn why things happen in your world then Geography at The Academy is the subject for you.

It is in the outdoor environment that Geographers can really be tested to make sense of the world. At each critical stage of the Senior School an opportunity for an outdoor educational activity is provided, currently including cross-curricular trips for S1 and a residential trip to the limestone landscape of the Yorkshire Dales in S3. In Higher Geography you have the opportunity to experience the stunning scenery of the northern Lake District; at Advanced Higher you have a series of residential and day-trips that are integral to the course. Our goal is for each learner to develop skills needed later in life and an inquisitive attitude towards the landscape - be it physical or human.

So if you want to know why 75% of the world’s population don’t have an address or why we are getting further away from America every year then we would love to share our passion for the world with you.