S6 Hospitality

As part of our commitment as a school to health and well-being it is our intention to give as many members of Sixth Year as possible the opportunity to use the Food Technology room to develop their skills in practical cooking and knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating.  It is the chance to learn “life skills” which will enhance their life as a student.  

We start with basic skills such as vegetable preparation, pastry making and exploring a range of cookery processes.  Examples of dishes are pizza, stir fry, pasta dishes such as carbonara, quiche, pakora, lasagne and some baking such as chocolate cake.  We then move onto more complex skills for the accomplished cooks - béchamel sauces, meringues, roulades, choux pastry, gateaux and specialist work involving chocolate, sugar craft and cake decoration.  We are very keen that students cook the dishes and skills of their choice and we always plan our term together as a class. 

All S6 work towards their Food Hygiene certificate (REHIS) that enables successful candidates to work legally in the food industry, which is especially useful for part-time work while studying at university.