All pupils at The Glasgow Academy study English for five years. We are in the fortunate position of getting to know our pupils very well indeed!   Pupils remain with the same teacher throughout S1 and S2, then throughout S3 and S4: this allows us to build solid relationships, and to have a very secure knowledge of each individual's strengths and weaknesses.

Our aim is to develop, to the fullest, each pupil’s language skills and thus their ability to express their own thoughts and feelings clearly, both orally and in writing. We also aim, through the study of literature, to develop awareness of the society in which they live and of other societies, thus enabling them to empathise with the feelings and situations of people belonging to different cultures, backgrounds and eras.

Ultimately, we aim to foster the self-confidence of each pupil and their belief in the worth of their own ideas.

"To handle a language skilfully is to practise a kind of evocative sorcery": Charles Baudelaire