P6 - S2 Drama

"The most valuable asset a nation has is the creativity of its children."
Alan Plater (playwright)

Creativity permeates the drama curriculum from P6 to S2 at The Academy: by expanding your imagination, you learn to perceive and think in new ways. Creativity, reasoning, imagination, dexterity and intuition are developed and enhanced as you learn to build connections between verbal and non-verbal communication, logic and emotion. Similarly, you are encouraged to communicate ideas and feelings through language, expression and movement, in real and imaginary contexts, and develop confidence and self-esteem in your day-to-day interaction with others.

The course content covers areas such as story-structure, role-play, spontaneous and rehearsed improvisation, scripted drama, movement and voice, tableau, thought-tracking, stage combat, characterisation, theatre arts, forms and conventions, forum theatre, issue-based drama, and the ability to evaluate the work of self and others.

Ultimately, through drama, you will develop sensitivity towards the feelings, opinions and values of others through purposeful interaction. The syllabus provides a wide range of units for study, allowing you to grow and develop in your knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Drama, and with increased confidence in your own creative potential.