S5 & S6 Computing

Higher Computing Science

Pupils in S5 study the SQA's Higher Computing Science course. This builds on the Computing Science concepts studied at National 5 and involves both theory and practical work. The course introduces an advanced range of computational processes and thinking, and develops a rigorous approach to the design and development process across a variety of contexts, including software design, database design and web-based information systems. Pupils gain an awareness of the importance that computing professionals play in meeting the needs of society today and for the future.

Advanced Higher Computing Science

In S6, the Advanced Higher Computing Science not only builds on the Higher course, but also gives pupils the chance to explore a topic of their own interest in the field of Computing Science through the individual project. This is an opportunity for pupils to develop vital independent study and investigative skills and to either further enhance existing skills or explore a new aspect of the subject.

In addition to the project, pupils are also taught a range of more advanced software design and development skills and information system design and development skills. These include advanced coding techniques in python, object-oriented programming, SQL and php.