S3 & S4 Computing

S3/4 pupils study the SQA National 5 Computing Science course.  This comprises four topics:

Software Design and Development

  • Designing and creating software.  Most teaching is done using the programming language Python which is widely used in many different fields.  We aim to teach generic skills which pupils can transfer to other coding environments.

Computer Systems

  • Pupils study the hardware, software and connectivity in different computer systems from smartphones to supercomputers. They learn how computers store and process data.

Database Design and Development

  • Databases today impact on everything from online shopping to visiting the doctor.  At National 5, pupils learn more about how databases work and are involved in designing and making their own relational database systems.
  • Pupils learn about the rights and responsibilities that relate to the use of computers and about the impact that computers have on things like the environment.

Web Design and Development

  • The World Wide Web is our main source for information in the 21st century.  Pupils build their own webpages, learning about design and the inclusion of interactive elements.

National 5 is assessed by a written exam at the end of 4th Year that constitutes 69% of the final mark.  The remaining 31% comes from practical coursework set by the SQA and completed in school.