S1 & S2 Computing

The S1 course is designed to provide pupils with a general introduction to Computing Science terms and concepts. Pupils learn how to use their iPads alongside the school network to facilitate learning and also study Coding and a range of different computer systems.  In S2 pupils further develop their coding skills by learning to write apps for their mobile devices.  They also learn about Cyber Security, exploring how to keep themselves and the technology they are using safe and secure.  There is an introduction to Web Development using html and css.

Both courses are developed with Curriculum for Excellence outcomes and experiences in mind and designed to provide pupils with a sound basis for further study.  In class pupils are given a brief introduction to theory which is followed by practical tasks.  Homework is an essential aspect of learning which is used to reinforce class work and to introduce new concepts.

Topics studied in S1 and S2 include:

  • Digital Literacy
  • Coding
  • Computer Systems
  • App Development
  • Cyber Security
  • Web Development