Game Lab

Game Lab is an after-school computing club aimed at S1, S2 and S3 (although older pupils are also welcome). The aim is to give pupils the chance to explore the many different aspects of the field of computing science more widely than we have time to do in the classroom. We have a wide range of activities on offer, from coding to crafts; pupils can select a project that interests them to work on individually or in a small group. We also have a range of additional hardware and software that pupils can access, including Raspberry Pis and Codebugs. Game Lab Extra runs at lunchtime once a week for pupils who cannot attend after school or who wish to carry out further work on their projects.

Lego Challenge Team

First Lego Challenge League is an annual competition for teams of school pupils from across the UK (and, ultimately, from across the world). Every year the competition sets a different challenge for which participants must build a solution in Lego... but not just static Lego. These Lego creations need to be programmed to carry out a series of tasks which are set by the competition organisers.