S5 & S6 Philosophy

It's one thing to know what you believe, but do you know why you believe it? Are you really justified in those views? In Higher Philosophy you have the opportunity to enter upon a whole new way of thinking. Learn how to challenge yourself and your assumptions.

Developing an ability to reason effectively is a fundamental part of this course and is of relevance to all other subject areas both at school level and beyond. As our own society becomes more complex and ideologically diverse, it is increasingly important for us to equip ourselves with the skills to express our views in a logical and considered manner. In simple terms, Philosophy will teach you how to out think others and give you the ability to approach any issues from a much broader perspective.

You will read articles from the work of leading philosophers, and study debates which have been raging for years, as well as issues which are only just making the headlines. Pupils who engage with philosophy are able to develop a broader understanding of different views and develop confidence in their own reasoning and ability to make informed decisions.