S3 & S4 Latin

S3 Latin
There are three elements to Latin in S3. Pupils further develop their skills in reading and translating Latin using the Cambridge Latin Course and Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis. They also learn more about the history and culture of the Roman World and have the chance to read work from a range of historical figures throughout European History who wrote in Latin, such as William Wallace and Christopher Columbus.

S4 Latin
In the second year of the National 5 course, S4, pupils complete the Cambridge Latin Course and begin to read original Latin from some of the most important writers of the Roman World. In class they conduct in-depth study of Latin stories by Virgil and Pliny about the Trojan Horse, a grisly haunted house in Athens, and a remarkable dolphin from North Africa.

The course develops the linguistic skills of precision of translation, close-reading comprehension, and appreciation of persuasive and literary techniques; and the historical skills of source evaluation and analysis; and develops pupils' abilities to produce reasoned personal responses.