S1 & S2 Classics

In S1 Latin, pupils are introduced to Classics and what it has to offer through the story of a real Pompeian family and through Classical Mythology taught in conjunction with the English department. Pupils learn the rudiments of Latin and focus on different ways in which this can aid their own language skills. Class-work during the year involves close-reading; translation from Latin into English; exercises on word-building and modern vocabulary; and how archaeology helps to reconstruct our ideas of the past. The course extensively utilises audio-visual material illustrating the huge impact and influence Classics continues to have in both factual and fictional film-making today. The course is delivered primarily through iPads and is supported by sector-leading on-line materials from the University of Cambridge.

In S2, pupils continue their study of the town of Pompeii and build on the work of S1 to further develop their language skills. About midway through the course the context of our study shifts to Roman Britain. Class-work is of the same type as that of S1 but at a more advanced level. There is also greater scope, with the extended time provision, for deeper study of historical, mythological, cultural, and archaeological topics.