"Few subjects offer the same opportunities for acquiring advanced skills in languages, analytical thinking, essay-writing, visual analytics, critical sensitivity, spotting a biased source at a hundred paces, and so on." Cambridge University website.

In the Classics department we allow pupils the chance to learn for themselves why Classics has been set at the core of a quality education for a thousand years. The founders of so many aspects of modern culture and civilisation chose to model their principles on those formulated in our classical past. Our law, our politics, our moral codes, our principles of good and evil, and our methods of inquiry are all deliberately based upon the achievements of the great men and women who lived in and dominated the Mediterranean world roughly two thousand years ago. Study of Classics cannot fail to give any student a deeper understanding of aspects of the modern world with which she or he is most concerned. The opportunity to open up this broad and exciting avenue of study, which fewer and fewer schools now offer, is something that we take extremely seriously. At the Academy we are strongly committed to reaching out to every child, whether their interests and aptitudes lie most strongly with language or with cultural, historical or artistic studies.