S1 & S2 Chemistry

S1 Chemistry

The S1 Chemistry course has a very analytical basis and sees you in the lab every lesson. The course begins with safety and then moves on to Physical Changes and Chemical Reactions. This work ends with you identifying ten unknowns during "Chemical Conundrums" and extracting potassium nitrate from bat poo in order to make your own fireworks.

S2 Chemistry

Together the S1 and S2 Chemistry courses cover all of the CfE Chemistry Experiences and Outcomes. However, the teaching goes deeper than this and also covers much of the National 4 content. Again the focus is on experimental work and you are in the lab each week. The course begins with an introduction to Nanotechnology and then a recap of Physical Changes, bringing in emulsions and solubility curves. At this point you go to Raasay, where you learn about the Chemistry of rocks as part of the experience. Classes are then introduced to the Periodic Table; Structure of the Atom; Mixtures, Elements and Compounds; Metal Extraction; Rates of Reactions; Acids and Alkalis; Fuels and Climate Change; Metals and Rusting and Plants and Food Poverty.