S5 & S6 Business Education

The study of Accounting enables students to identify, measure and communicate financial and other relevant information. The course aims to develop an understanding of the principles and practice of financial and management accounting. Students will learn to prepare, use and interpret accounting information and will develop the management skills required to exercise control, analyse performance, make decisions and solve problems.

Business Management
Students will have the opportunity to study many different types of organisation and will develop their knowledge and understanding of the role and operation of business. The course is designed to enable students to collect and analyse relevant information, identify weaknesses and potential problems and consider internal and external factors and constraints. Students are encouraged to develop their decision-making skills, to manage resources efficiently and to devise a range of alternative solutions to problems facing businesses.

In S6, students have the chance not only to take on a brand new subject, which makes for a refreshing change in their final year at school, but also a subject which many of them will go on to discover is a popular First Year degree course subject at University. Many students on MA and BA courses at University find themselves doing Economics in their First Year. In fact, a number of former students have remarked how beneficial the course at school proved to be for them when faced with Economics at University, there being much common ground between the two.