S5 & S6 Business Education

The department delivers the SQA Higher Business Management course. Full details of which can be found here. Pupils may have the opportunity to gain direct entry if they have not completed National 5.

Pupils will undertake units of work on Understanding Business, Marketing, Operations, Finance and Management of People. As with National 5, a range of teaching strategies are employed to empower learners to fulfil their potential to the highest level.

Exam technique is one of the keys to success in Higher Business and the department focuses on honing these skills from the offset. Pupils also develop research and analysis skills as they complete the Coursework Assignment element of the course. Successful candidates have the opportunity to progress to Advanced Higher Business Management.

S6: Advanced Higher Business Management

The department offers the SQA Advanced Higher Business Management course. Full details of which can be found here. Completion of the Higher course is required to gain entry.

This course helps candidates understand the underpinning principles which guide managerial decision making in business at local, national, and global levels. It develops pupils’ ability to analyse business situations and reach valid, logical conclusions.

The investigative and higher-order thinking skills developed throughout the course enable candidates to contribute to both team environments and independent work. This develops attributes such as taking accountability, self-motivation, using initiative, communication and interpersonal skills, all of which are important for successful lifelong learning and for entering the workplace.

This course is suitable for candidates who are interested in entering the world of business, as an employee, a manager, or a self-employed person. It offers excellent preparation for, and transition to, further education institutions, by developing many transferable skills such as autonomous learning.

Assessment for Advanced Higher is via combination of final exam and an independent research project.


S6: Higher Economics

The department also offers the SQA Higher Economics course. Full details of which can be found here. This option is not widely offered across Scotland and presents a unique opportunity for senior pupils.

Learners have the chance not only to take on a brand-new subject which makes for a refreshing change in their final year at school, but also a subject which many of them will go on to discover is a popular First Year degree course subject at University. Many students on MA and BA courses at University find themselves doing Economics in their First Year. In fact, a number of former students have remarked how beneficial the course at school proved to be for them when faced with Economics at University, there being much common ground between the two.

This course helps candidates develop and appreciation of how markets and governments work, and how decisions taken in these economic contexts affect everyday life. It develops the ability to think logically and to consider the reasons for, and the effects of, economic decisions and policies.

Assessment for Higher Economics is via combination of final exam and independent coursework assignment.