Young Enterprise

The Young Enterprise Programme, open to pupils in S6, is not a business game but an actual 'hands-on' business experience and competition held over a full academic year. Through the YE Programme, students take an active role in the formation of a company and hone their skills in teamwork, leadership, making presentations, sales and marketing techniques, forward planning, financial control, sourcing raw materials at low cost, taking responsibility and prioritising customer satisfaction. The department has proud record competing in national competition and has also fostered productive working relationships with external partners to create prototype products.

Trading Hub

This pupil-led initiative has proved popular since launching in 2020. The Hub offers pupils the opportunity to invest and trade in a simulated stock market environment. Leadership of this initiative is passed along from the current pupil leader to his or her successor. The competition to be Top Trader is intense!

Coca-Cola Real Business Challenge

S3 pupils participate in a work-related learning activity where they tackle a business task set by Coca-Cola European Partners. Pupils work in teams to design a unique product and compete with other groups in school; winners go forward to a regional and then national competition. The challenge is a fun and engaging way for students to develop a range of enterprise skills that will give them a competitive edge in today's job market.