S1 & S2 Biology

The S1 course builds up a picture of three different and important aspects of Biology. Pupils are introduced first to the amazing world of cells. They will get the opportunity to become experts in use of the light microscope and in making specimens of living cells (including their own!) for observation under the microscope. In the second unit, pupils will study reproduction, with an emphasis on humans and the importance of understanding this area to their future well-being and health. The third unit examines the role played by micro-organisms in our life and includes an introduction to a number of experimental techniques and skills.

The S2 Biology course builds on the knowledge and skills developed in S1 Biology. Pupils will study four units of work. Unit 1 is called The Need for Food and involves a study of the breakdown of food in humans and other animals. Unit 2 is called From Field to Plate and emphasises important aspects of plants, including life cycles and processes of global importance, such as photosynthesis. Unit 3 comprises a study of the excretory system in animals and includes practical work such as organ dissection and biochemical testing. Bones and Muscles, the final Unit in S2, relates to the Biology of sport and involves work as diverse as the dissection of a joint, testing arm strength, pupil presentations on bone, muscle and joint diseases and completing a Harvard step test.