S3 & S4 GCSE Fine Art

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together" (Vincent van Gogh)

This vibrant and dynamic course will give you the freedom to explore GCSE Art and Design in ways that inspire and bring out the best in you. GCSE is a two-year course for pupils in S3 and S4. It is designed to stimulate you and your visual awareness, and you will be encouraged to produce practical work in fine art, printmaking, three-dimensional studies, ceramics and textiles. In addition to the Coursework that you will be undertaking, you will be expected to develop sketchbooks in which you will record information and research the works of artists and designers. You will also have the opportunity to visit galleries and exhibitions.

The Aims of the course are to develop:

  • creative and imaginative powers, and the practical skills for communicating and expressing ideas, feelings and meanings in art, craft and design;
  • investigative, analytical, experimental and interpretative capabilities, aesthetic understanding and critical skills;
  • understanding of codes and conventions of art, craft and design and awareness of contexts in which they operate;
  • knowledge and understanding of art, craft and design in contemporary societies and in other times and cultures.

The Assessment Objectives represent those qualities which can be demonstrated in your work and which can be measured for the purposes of assessment. You will be expected to demonstrate a response to all of the assessment objectives in each component of the course.

AO1 analyse and evaluate images, objects and artefacts showing understanding of context;
AO2 develop and explore ideas using media, processes and resources, reviewing, modifying and refining work as it progresses;
AO3 record observations, experiences and ideas in forms that are appropriate to intentions;
AO4 present a personal response, realising intentions and making informed connections with the work of others.

Assessment comprises of two components:

  • Coursework (96 marks) - 60%
  • Externally Set Task (96 marks) (10 hour Exam) - 40%

Both components are exhibited in school and are centre-assessed then moderated by an external Moderator.