S1 & S2 Art

The S1 and S2 Art and Design courses enable you to explore and extend a wide variety of skills using different media, and based on a range of topics and themes.


  • To promote an enquiring, critical and observational approach to the study and practice of art.
  • To introduce you to the challenging and varied nature of art, and to the ways in which this can be tackled through a variety of media.
  • To help you explore your environment through observational drawing using a variety of media.
  • To encourage you to give an individual and emotional response to art and design briefs.
  • To enable you to draw, paint, and work in three dimensions to encourage your skills of seeing and manual dexterity.



To select and present effective and well-observed visual information in an organised manner and
show an understanding of:

  • line, tone, form, rhythm and composition in drawing;
  • colour and colour mixing;
  • application of paint, pastel and printmaking;
  • mixed-media exploration;
  • 3D form and composition using various media such as clay, card and modroc;
  • analysis of artists and designers, showing their styles of work and the movements to which they belong, and how they can be influential in the development of your own work;
  • evaluation on the basis of argument and discussion, and the creation of and practising of art and design.