Learning through doing is profoundly important for your progress as a young artist or designer, and you will develop your ability through observational drawing, mixed-media studies, printmaking, painting, three-dimensional design, textiles and ceramics.

While we are renowned for our exceptionally high standards, accomplishment is not restricted to the most able artists and designers: we encourage all pupils to desire to flourish. You will be taught by art specialists from P6 upwards, thus enabling strong links between the Prep and Senior curriculum. Through the year your art works are exhibited in many parts of the school campus; an Annual Exhibition is also held in June. Visits to galleries and museums at home and abroad are an important part of your learning. Your ever-increasing knowledge and confidence will bring understanding, and you will thrive with your awareness of contemporary issues and an informed understanding of past and contemporary art.

During lockdown, our pupils produced a very broad range of work. They demonstrated how resourceful they could be when working on a variety of 2D and 3D Design & Manufacture tasks and appreciated how the analysis of an artists or designers work could influence their own development. 

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2R Optical art group project
1Q Art group tessellated clock project
Annabelle Brown
Lauren Ferguson