Careers Advice

The aims of the Careers Department are to:

Develop Educational Awareness about courses available at school, and in centres of further and higher education.
Provide information about the whole spectrum of possible occupations and the lifestyles associated with these careers.
Develop self awareness through an understanding of the pupils' own abilities, interests, ideas and values.
Facilitate the skills to make decisions and cope with transitions through out school.

An excellent straightforward website with information specific to Scotland, which we recommend for pupils at all stages is, PlanIT Plus.

In S1 we encourage you to experience all subjects and get a feel for possible areas of interest.

There is a presentation from the RAF/BAe on STEM subjects; this stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and the talk is designed to alert you to the many career possibilities offered by these.

In January of S2 you will receive advice on S3 subject choices; this will come in the form of a talk by Mr MacRae (Assistant Rector) and Mr McCaskey (Head of Careers), and then via your Tutors.  This complements advice given in the 'Choices' booklet.  There will also be talks by Mr McCaskey at the S2 Parents' Evening.

During one period of PSE, the use of 'Probe' software (100 questions designed to identify interests and possible career areas) will allow you to make a more informed choice of National 5 subjects.

Focus on National 5.

In S4 you will complete 'Centigrade': this is an interest-based questionnaire that uses information supplied by the school and the pupil. It matches interests and abilities with HE courses and institutions in the UK, Ireland and those in Europe offering undergraduate degrees taught in English.  Following this, you will receive a feedback booklet and a one-to-one interview with Mr McCaskey to discuss your specific Higher choices depending on interests and intentions.

There is a Biennial Careers Fair for S4 to S6.

Focus on Highers throughout the year.

For those keen to leave after S5 and not continue in education: outside speakers from Grant Thornton and KPMG on Modern Apprenticeships.  These are a real alternative to a degree and in the past we have sent pupils with 6As at Higher to join these programmes.

Former Pupil, Laura McLean, now of Babcock International, returned to speak about her degree and subsequent career in Engineering.

Individual support (UCAS application/Personal Statement writing) is given to those of you wishing to apply to University/College.

All potential Medics/Vets/Dentists are talked through the need for specific types of work experience required by universities.  A day-long UKCAT training course is provided on the last Wednesday of term with a view to test-dates being booked over the summer holidays.

In S5 you will all attend a three-week block (Lifeskills) with Mr McCaskey on how to apply for their own work experience.

You will also attend the Glasgow University open day following a talk on how to make the most of any university's open day.

Biennial Careers Fair

You will all attend the UCAS Exhibition at the Science Centre in September in order to introduce you to the application process.  Every university in Scotland and all west of Scotland colleges are represented at this event and it is the perfect opportunity to discuss specific courses and requirements.

You will receive Individual support (UCAS application/Personal Statement writing) when applying to University/College.

Individual interview with ISCO Careers Adviser where completely undecided.

Biennial Careers Fair

Post S6
Individual interview with ISCO Careers Adviser available.