Prep 4

In Prep 4, we develop our children's confidence and independence to help them be the best that they can be. We cultivate a deeper understanding of Literacy through class reading groups and novel studies, as well as more detailed comprehension work. We enjoy exciting weekly writing lessons to inspire and to encourage more creative thinking.

Prep 4 experience fantastic and diverse topics, including 'My Healthy Body', 'Knights and Castles', 'Ancient Egypt' and 'Rainforests'. There are a number of opportunities for class trips and for classroom visitors within these which make them even more memorable for children. A particular highlight of our year is our 'Knights and Castles' day where all three sites come together dressed in period clothing to enjoy a medieval banquet and themed activities in school.

In addition to specialist teaching in Music, PE and French, swimming lessons are also introduced across all sites to help children foster a safe and healthy love of water. Prep 4 children across all sites also get the chance to work together regularly as part of their Music and PE lessons along with a number of other themed activities.

A key goal for us here at The Academy is making sure that the transition experience for children into integrated P5 classes at Kelvinbridge is a successful one. A number of activities are planned throughout the year to facilitate this process, including weekly mixed PE and Music classes at the Kelvinbridge site for all P4 pupils from all sites.

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