Prep 3

In Prep 3, our children are encouraged to develop their independence further through a variety of exciting activities. We recognise the importance of nurturing talents in all curricular areas and so have a wide-ranging and diverse curriculum to help with this. Children are encouraged to have enquiring minds, asking questions if ever unsure, within a warm, nurturing environment.

Activities encompassing the core concepts of Literacy and Numeracy build upon previous knowledge by using stimulating and illuminating real-life contexts to fire our children's enthusiasm.

We encourage excellent presentation of work from all of our pupils; weekly handwriting lessons introducing cursive script help to achieve this.

We believe that learning another language is a key skill for young people today. In Prep 3, weekly French classes are delivered by a specialist teacher.

In addition to this, we have exciting class topics such as 'Homes Around the World (incorporating Electricity)', 'Romans' and 'Minibeasts'. Our children get the opportunity to go on stimulating trips related to their topic, along with guest speakers coming into school to share their expertise with us.

Come and visit us to see for yourself. We can't wait to meet you!