Prep 2

In Prep 2, our children build on their unique Prep 1 experiences within a safe, healthy and active environment. We work closely with Prep 1 teachers to ensure there is a seamless transition. Our children experience a variety of exciting and fascinating activities which allow them to achieve success and enjoy taking more responsibility for their own learning.

At TGA Milngavie, we link closely with our friends at Kelvinbridge and Newlands throughout the year.  Having the unique setting of Barloch Moor on our doorstep allows us to balance exciting classroom lessons, whilst encouraging learning in a stimulating environment.

By linking our class activities to books, children have the opportunity to further develop a love of reading. Our Prep 2 children will explore Journeys and Forces through the journey of food and letters, life on an island through the Katie Morag stories, become budding palaeontologists studying Dinosaurs and learn more about nature through their Planting and Growing topic. We extend our learning into the community by visiting local museums, parks and businesses. Children enjoy art activities linked to the work of Kandinsky, Mondrian and Van Gogh.

Children cultivate excellent presentation skills by making posters and menus and writing book reports and letters. Our writing is linked to real-life experiences, helping our children become confident and successful learners.

Prep 2 children develop new Numeracy concepts through active maths; once again links are made to real-life contexts, for example buying items from local shops and measuring the height of the sunflowers we grow as part our topic work.

Outdoor learning is fun and healthy in Prep 2 with children taking part in Marathon on the Moor, Walking Wednesday and Fitness Friday. These active sessions awaken their brains and prepare the children for the day ahead.  

At Milngavie, our pupils continue French with exciting lessons prepared by our specialist French teacher. 

Our setting and environment, particularly how we use these to enhance pupils' learning and academic achievements, are what make our site unique. Our aim is to motivate and inspire to help pupils achieve their potential. 

Do come and visit.  We would be delighted to show you around.