Prep 6

In Prep 6 we begin gently to prepare our children for the transition from Prep School to Senior School. While our children still have the nurturing support of a class teacher, working with them daily, they also benefit from receiving specialist teaching in Art, Drama, Food Technology, French, Music, PE, Spanish and Sport.

Literacy lessons build on Prep 5 and continue to focus on a deeper understanding of texts and encouraging children to write with ever-increasing complexity using a wide range of authorial techniques to create compelling and thought-provoking pieces.

In Prep 6, we like to bring our topics to life and children are given many opportunities to enjoy a more practical approach. As part of our Jacobites topic, we visit museums in Stirling and handle weapons of the period. In our Human Body topic, we get to use our state-of-the-art 3D projector in our Watson Auditorium and interactively explore the human heart. We also go back in time for our Victorians topic and experience first-hand what it was like as a Victorian schoolchild during our Victorians day and on our trip to Scotland Street Museum.

The Prep 6 year is finished in style with the much anticipated trip to the Abernethy Outdoor Centre, where children explore a wide range of outdoor pursuits such as canoeing, raft building, crate climbing and zip lining amongst many others.